What began as an informal gathering in the recreation rooms and cottages around Collingwood in 1958 to learn square dancing, has blossomed to become the BLUE MOUNTAIN PROMENADERS square dance club of today.

The first group consisted of Stuart & Marg Ellis, John & Ruth Walker, Len & Edna Wambold, Lorne & Betty Hay, Gord & Shirley Hewitt, Herb & Doris Chapman, Jim & Katie Mitchell, and Greg & Myra Titus.   This group decided to bring in others and form a Club.   Those others included Austin & Doris Muirhead.

The Club was first formed in September 1958 and the name Blue Mountain Promenaders was decided in January 1959 at Nottawa Hall with Ev Keddy of Owen Sound as caller.

For the next 2 years some of the members tried their hand at calling, learning from records along with assistance from members the Toronto and District Square and Round Dance Association who set up clinics for callers to get together and help one another.

In September 1961 Lorne Hay became the Club caller and stayed with us for 8 years until he moved to Barrie.   At that time Al & Renia Calhoun of Base Borden became our Club caller in December 1969 and remained our caller for 19 years.

From 1968 to 1975 new square dancers were taught by Rye & Ina Picot, while Austin & Doris Muirhead taught basic round dancing as a way to bring in new dancers and have the club grow.

In 1988 Dean & Ethel Fisher became our Club callers and remain so to this day.   It is interesting to note that Dean came up through the Club first as a new dancer, club dancer then onto being our Club caller.