On Saturday September 22, 2018,  we celebrated our 60th year as a Club and 30 years with Dean as our Caller, both significant milestones.   We were honoured to have Lorne Hay who with a few couples began our square dance club (in his basement).   Lorne and Betty were the first callers for the Club, but soon 2 Clubs were formed in the area.   Lorne went on to call for the Ski Town Squares while Al and Renia Calhoun became our callers for several years thereafter (approx 27 years), followed by Dean & Ethel Fisher who are still calling for us.

Many congratulatory greetings were presented to Dean and the Club from local dignitaries, as well as square dance associations.

A wonderful afternoon of dancing, renewing friendships, recalling memories was enjoyed by all 96 in attendance.  Please enjoy the pictures capturing this special day.